Paul Disher

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Paul Disher Rn. 56ys old Married; with two Children My loving mother raised me in the Love of God as we traveled with my father in his career in the US Air Force. I was born in Illinois and then went to Alaska, Michigan, California and Idaho. I graduated High School in Idaho and went to serve in the US Army, my service took me to Germany as well as Texas (a place some would claim to be a foreign land). After an Honorable discharge I then went to Abilene Christian University where I met my beloved Rose (Davis) my Wife of 32 years. I also joined Army ROTC and became a Commissioned officer in the US Army Reserve. I served in that capacity for nine years. I was not able to finish my degree at ACU as Rose found employment in Houston Texas. I finished my Bachelor of Science (BS) degree at the University of Houston with a major in Psychology. I then attended the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; School of Nursing and earned a 2nd BS, this time in Nursing. We then came to the Northeast (again following my wife's career) and I found employment at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. I took advantage of their career advancement program and earned a Master of Science degree, with a specialty in Psychiatric Nursing at The University of Pennsylvania. I have not only worked with hospitalized sufferers of mental illness but I also have worked with them on an outpatient basis. My favorite work (and most challenging) was with Dual Diagnosed individuals who suffer not only from mental illness but drug addiction as well. I remain licensed, but I am not practicing as my son was born with Down's Syndrome and we made the decision that I would stay home and be a Homemaker. All of the above are mere details. My real life, my walk with the LORD, the life of the eternal spirit that is in all of us, has been one filled with the common challenges of faith. Baptized at 16yrs old, my journey of faith in the LORD has been filled with fits, starts, back peddles,out right failures, glorious victories, hill top experiences, brief tours of abject despair and fluctuating levels of commitment to the narrow road of salvation. It would not be unfair to say that in this I am like everyone else. In this real life I am speaking of, the life of the spirit; God has never abandoned me, he has discipled me and for that I am grateful. He has continuously placed people and circumstances in such a way that my faith has always grown. I am not anywhere near perfection, that will not happen until he comes again, but I am committed to the path of righteousness, and am I am trying to be careful lest I fall.