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Grace Marriage

Rick & Kathy Elam

Nurturing your marriage takes time, investment, and intentionality. Grace Marriage is our discipleship pathway that equips couples to GROW TOGETHER. When a couple puts their marriage under the grace of Christ and intentionally works on it, it will be grown into a more enjoyable and God-glorifying union. In Grace Marriage, couples will make a proactive effort to protect and water their marriage by investing time each quarter of the year to take a big picture look at their life and marriage. We will meet as a small group for 4 hours every 90 days and step away from life’s demands as we:

- Celebrate and express gratitude for what is going well!

- Learn about incorporating grace in communication, intimacy, finances, and more.

- Identify the life-stealing weeds in your marriage and devise a plan to overcome them.

- Plan one-on-one time together to continue investing in each other.

The dates for these sessions in 2023 are: February 11, April 29, August 12, and November 4, from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.